How to apply eyelashes

How  to apply full and individual eyelashes so that they look as natural as possible, beginners With glue , Removal and Price.

How  to apply full and individual eyelashes .

False eyelashes are one of the easiest ways to enhance your eyes. You can choose a glamorous, seductive, or a natural look and make it happen in a matter of minutes.

What’s awesome is that you can wear lashes for work, a night out on the town or even to the grocery store if you feel so inclined.

False lashes have stepped out of the 70′s and have now become one of make ups hottest trends! These can be quite daunting to put on if you have never done it.

Have no fear, here at Beauty Tips and Tricks we have made it easy to do! Here’s how to apply false lashes so that they look as natural as possible.

False Eyelashes: Full or Individual?

How to apply eyelashes

There are many styles of  false eyelashes to choose from. You can opt for a full set of lashes or small sets of individual lashes. Whatever  false eyelashes you choose you will apply them the same way.

Full Set

How to apply eyelashes

A full set of false eyelashes will create a lush and thick look, while individual lashes are best for filling out sparseness in your own lashes. Don’t spend too much money on false lashes. There is no need to spend more than $5 dollars on a pair.  You can wear your lashes up to 5 times if you take care of them. The best place to find lashes is either online or at the store.

If you feel as if your false eyelashes are a little too long, you can easily trim them by cutting them at an angle. Be careful to cut each individual lash a different length so they look natural.

Remember: Always reserve the longest lashes for the outside corners of your eyes.

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Directions for Application:

How to apply eyelashes

Apply a liquid or pencil eyeliner to eyes as close to the lash roots as possible. This will conceal your lash line and make your  false eyelashes blend in better.

Prepare the lash glue.

How to apply eyelashes

If you opted for individual lashes, place a few drops of adhesive to a hard surface (such as your bathroom counter). Let it air dry for a minute until it becomes tacky. Using a set of tweezers, pick up eyelashes and place the root in the glue.

Begin at the outer corners of the eyes.

Using tweezers wedge the glued lash into your natural lashes. You want to keep in in place for a few seconds so it dries. Keep as close to the root of your real lashes as possible.

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Individual Lashes

How to apply eyelashes

Individual lashes are a great way of playing up your eyes in a fun yet natural way. They can be found at all lengths, as well as small clumps.

You can use individual  false eyelashes as easily as full strips. They are also a cheaper option that the full strips.

Directions for Application:

Place a couple of clusters at the outermost corner of your eye and one the center of the eye or wherever you feel your real lashes are sparse.

Make sure to leave a natural space between false eyelashes, this will keep your falsies looking real. The secret is to keep the clusters down to five or fewer. Also stay clear from placing any close to the inside of the eye.

Beauty Tips and Tricks of Applying False Eyelashes

For a full set, apply a thin strip of adhesive right along the base of the  false eyelashes using either a toothpick or something along those lines.

Avoid using your fingers or the adhesive tube because it will get messy fast. Wait a few seconds for the glue to become tacky.

Just like the individual lashes you want the glue to be close to drying so that it bonds quickly to the eyelid, eliminating placement issues.

When applying a strip, using your fingers, hold the lashes securely in place as close to the natural lash line as possible. If you think the lashes look too long, you can always take them off and trim.

Once your  false eyelashes are placed, let them dry for a couple minutes. Apply mascara to lashes this will blend them in with your real ones.

Experts suggest tossing the white adhesive that sometimes comes with your false eyelashes. Instead, look for dark eyelash adhesive. You can find this sold separately at drugstores, usually for about $5 or $6.

Now comes the fun part!

Choosing all the types of Makeup Looks that work for you! You can create a pin up look by lining the upper lashes with a black liquid liner, drawing an exaggerated wing from the outer corner of the eye. Or if you are looking for a more natural look try camouflage with a dark shadow.

Removal of false eyelashes is easy, use an eye makeup remover and gently massage into the lash line.

Your false eyelashes should slip right off. You can also attempt to slowly peel them off yourself or use water to loosen them.

This sometimes can be painful as well as pull off some of your natural lashes along with the false ones.

That is why recommend using eye make up remover.

With anything practice makes perfect! False eyelashes are the easiest ways to play up your peepers.

How  to apply full and individual eyelashes .

How  to apply full and individual eyelashes .

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