No zoom app

Zoom App install ???


Zoom App install ?


I think many of you have become familiar with the name ‘Zoom ‘.
And if you don’t know about it ,it’s just a free HD meeting app with video and screen sharing for up to 100 people .
In simple words it is a video conferencing app , just like Google Duo and Skype. ( Zoom app install)

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But why am I discussing it today with you , just because ‘ it is not safe for you ‘.
The ministry of home affairs had issued an advisory that zoom video app conferencing is not safe platform.

Us-based zoom video communication has seen an exponential rise in usage in India as office goers remains at home owing to lockdown triggered by Covid-19 pandemic.
The software used in online platform is said to be made in china and some calls were being routed through servers in china .

Don't install zoom app

Indian computer emergency response team (CERT-In) issued two advisory on February 6 and in march, cautioning on the use of office meeting .

The march 30 note on CERT-In website said ,”Zoom is a popular video conferencing platform. Insecure usage of platform may allow cyber criminals to access sensitive information such as meeting details and conversation.”

According to the reports over 5,00,000 zoom accounts have been hacked and sold on the dark web .
These accounts are reportedly being sold for less then a rupee each , and in some cases ,they are being given away for free .

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In the statement , Zoom said: ” that it takes user security very serious and also a large number of global institutions from the world’s biggest financial services companies and telecommunications providers have give exhaustive security reviews of our user network “.

No zoom app
Google also banned zoom app for all the employee’ also Singapore has banned teachers using Zoom after hackers posted obscene images on screens. The app has also banned from many countries like Germany, Singapore and Taiwan.

Here are the complete Ministry Of Home affairs guidelines for safe usage .

  • Create a new user I’d password for each meeting .
  • Create a waiting room in the app so that a user will be able to enter In the meeting only when the host gives him the permission .
  • Disable join feature before hosting.
  • Allow screen sharing by host only .
  • Disabling “allow removed participants to re join “.It is recommended to restrict or disable the file transfer .
  • When aap the participations join it has been advised to lock the meeting .
  • Restrict the recording features.

But this is not at all solutions of this ,India needs to make their own video conferencing app , inorder to protect their civilians data .

  • And regarding this Government announces Innovation challenge for video conferencing solution.

Government challenge

The Ministry of Electronic and IT has announced the challenge for all innovators and software product startups, Called the “Innovation Challenge for the Development of a Video Conferencing Solution”, it has been announced under the ‘Digital India
Programme’ which will invite applications from software product developers to develop video conferencing solutions.



Zoom App install ?


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