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The name of the story is A Greedy Man

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Once upon a time there was a Fisherman , One day the fisherman was fishing besides the river as usual .

greedy man short story
He put his net into the river and he just sat there for fish to get them so that he could sell a lot of fish in the market and get some good money out of it.

After sometime Fisher man heard some rustling in the net thinking that he must have got a lot of fish in the net and took out the net out of water.

greedy man short story

But then it’s just a small fish . He saw just one tiny little fish in that net.

He grabbed hold that fish.
But suddenly the tiny little Fish started talking to Fisherman .

Fish said ‘please spare my life ‘
But fisherman was not listening to fish .
Then the tiny little fish makes a deal , fish said if you let me now tomorrow I will bring my all friends near to you and then they will be your .

Fisherman talk to himself . He was thinking Before I Let Go one tiny little fish today, tomorrow I’ll be gentle Lord of more fish because this tiny little fish will bring all his friends to me.

believing the word of this time in Little Fish Fisher man, let go the start of the fish into the river again.
fish was really happy and she never came back again .

Greedy man short storyPoor fisherman
Visit River next day expecting that. There will be a lot of fish tomorrow that this little fish would bring all his friends and I will become rich .
But the little fish didn’t returned .( Short stories)

What’s the time in fish was very clever and because of his cleverness, he saved his life from this fisherman. So children moral of the story is you have to be really really clever to save your life from such challenging moments.

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