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As we all know that in India we are boycotting Chinese softwares and because of this so many players of the most famous battle game PUBG are tensed because of this boycotting.
Their biggest tension is that “IS PUBG A CHINESE SOFTWARE?” ( Uninstall Pubg ???)


So here today we’ll talk about this topic.

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Last month a very famous and renowned personality Sonam wangchuk has posted a video on youtube where he was telling about China’s plans and also told us to boycott Chinese softwares as due to this we’re unknowingly helping them in increase of the economy.
So those Indians who were inspired by this have boycotted Chinese aap also spreading awareness to others to do so.


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PUBG was developed and published by pubg corporation which was holded by Bluehole studio which is a South Korean gaming company.
Brendan Greene, from Ireland, was the man behind the development of PUBG. He has made this game by being inspired from a Japanese movie Battle Royale.


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In year 2017 China had banned PUBG and created their own software Game For Peace (GFP) which was similar to PUBG.
But later a Chinese gaming company Tencent made PUBG mobile and released it in China. Before this PUBG was a video game but after this it became a mobile game and start being played by millions of players.
On computer while starting the game you won’t see Tencent’s logo but in PUBG mobile you’ll see Tencent’s logo, followed by PUBG corporation.


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Basically PUBG is not a Chinese software but yes PUBG mobile is part of China also it can be traced back to China.
So this is really a bad news for all PUBG mobile players.

If government wants to ban PUBG they can but for that they need some genuine reason to do so .  But I don’t think so pubg is going to be banned in India cause there are many app like tik tok , which are getting to much hate from Indian audience but still shows on playstore. 




Uninstall Pubg ???

Uninstall Pubg ???


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