Man Made Crisis

We humans has created so many big problems for own self and now Delhi pollution is the result of our careless behavior and attitude towards nature.
Presently, Delhi, the capital of India, is suffering form daily smog. The quality of air in Delhi is at it’s worst.

heavy somg in Delhi

Delhi has now become the most polluted city, not only in India but all over world.

Just because of this polluted air more than 10,000 peoples are dying prematurely every year.
One of the most biggest cause of this hazardous problem in Delhi are those industries which daily release a lot of smoke freely in the air. Not only those industries but also those vehicles which are running on the roads of Delhi are also the cause of this problem.
Moreover, just because of smog and impure air no one is getting pure oxygen to breathe.
To provide pure oxygen “oxypure oxygen bar” has opened in Delhi.

This bar offers 80-90% pure oxygen for 15 minutes and change INR 299 for this.


Now we can understand that we are in a big trouble as now trading of oxygen has started.
We should do something for this problem and start saving our nature or we will have to pay for this.

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