Girl applying foundation

Summer time MakeUp


Summer Time  MakeUp

Summer time MakeUp

Beauty Tips and Tricks

Summer time is one of the hardest times to achieve a flawless and beautiful face, so we have come up with all of our favorite beauty tips and tricks. Winter is hard as well, with no sun to capture! Often the heat and humidity take its toll on everything from foundation, to eyeliner to lipstick. In the winter time the cold turns us pasty!

Make up is one of the easiest and most effective ways for a women to enhance her natural beauty and improve her self esteem. Here I will share some of my favorite beauty tips and tricks to transform your look for any occasion

The products and the application of your make up are very important in achieving a natural look that lasts. So follow our favourite beauty tips and tricks to have you looking fabulous no matter what season it is!

Beauty Tips and Tricks To Abide By


Girl applying foundation

My favourite and best beauty tips and tricks are to always pay attention to is match your skin to your foundation and blend, blend, blend!
Foundation should always be used sparingly and should match your skin tone.

If you are a beach babe who prefers to get her tan on then don’t be afraid to purchase foundation a few shades darker! If its too dark to use now then simply add a little left over from your fave bottle before or add some moisturizer in to lighten it up til you have achieved your desired tan.

For the best blend on a budget, try L’Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Makeup.


A common mistake in picking out foundation is to try to match the colour based on your hand or wrist.

The best place to test out your foundation is on your neck or on the bottom of your face. If the color blends right into your skin so well that you don’t know where you applied it then you know you have a winner.

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Make time for primer.

Your makeup will go on a lot smoother with the use of a primer. It will also keep your face looking flawless no matter what you throw at it!
For our favorite primer, check this out Philosophy Supernatural Poreless/Flawless Tinted Primer. It is one of the best!

Eye shadow


Quick beauty tip and tricks of the stars, accentuate your new tan, use a lighter eye shadow.

There are many options out there to give you a beautiful shimmer as well as something that glides on as easily as your tanning lotion.



To avoid the dreaded racoon look and to be able to cannonball without fear, waterproof mascara is the way to go. Now waterproof mascara can also be difficult to remove…Don’t worry! The easiest way to to remove waterproof mascara is to use a gentle eye make up remover and a cotton ball. You’ll have a fresh clean face in no time as well as pictures you don’t mind showing to your friends later.

Summer time MakeUp


For a longer lasting look, apply a pressed powder directly to your eyelids to soak up any oil you may have before you brush on your favorite shadow. This will also “ set” your look and prevent the shadow from creasing later. When you combine a lighter creme shadow with a glossy pale pink or nude lipgloss you’ll achieve an instant updated look for the summer, that will have you ready in no time to hit the beach or your favorite cabana.


Summer time MakeUp..



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