Tips for Eyeshadow Application

Tips for Eyeshadow Application


Great Eyeshadow Tips For Enhancing Your Eyes

Eye makeup is essential for every woman who wants to look beautiful and eyeshadow plays an important role in creating stunning eyes that will really get you noticed. Having the right colored eye makeup can really enhance your look and style by blending in with your skin color, hair color and clothes. Therefore it’s important to choose a suitable color and apply it correctly for maximum effect to create dazzling eyes. Here are a few of our favorite eyeshadow tips to have you looking stunningly sexy in no time!
Eyeshadow is one of the most important parts of your eye makeup.


Here are some eyeshadow tips to help you choose the right one:

My top eyeshadow tip I can give is to find a shade that compliments your skin tone. Also when choosing the color for your eyeshadow you should test different colors and decide what you like best.

Fair skin;

Fair skin women

For light skin most eyeshadow colors will match, but choose lighter shades, especially during the day. You can use slightly darker eyeshadow colors if you have dark hair and try to use the same color eyeliner

Olive skin;

Olive skin women


Brown colors work well for a subtle look, choose a slightly darker color than your skin tone to make your eyes really stand out.

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Golden skin;

Golden skin women

For this skin tone pale gray, slate blue, purple and pink look great and you can accent one shade darker in the crease

Light brown skin:

Light brown skin

You can use brown with a shimmer for beautiful results, as well as vibrant shades like green, blue or purple.

Dark skin:

Dark skin women

Eyeshadow that is one shade lighter than your skin will work great. You can also try one with gold or silver flecks for shine. If you prefer more color try a deep purple or burgundy and line your eyes with dark colors.

Another good tip is during the day you can just use a base colour and mascara and for nighttime you can use darker colors with sparkle and shine to achieve a more dramatic look.


When applying the eyeshadow try to use an eyeshadow brush rather than a sponge-tipped applicator. A brush works better for blending and is wonderful for creating a nice sheer. Also, if you like to use different colors, use one brush for each color, this way the colors won’t mix and create a mess.

Eyeshadow can also be used to hide flaws in the eye and nose area. For close-set eyes, lighten the inside corners more than the outer corners and do the opposite if you have wide-set eyes. Use a neutral base and then dust on a medium to dark color on the inner half of the eyelid and then blend together.


By following these simple eyeshadow tips you will have beautiful and stunning eyes that will not only get you noticed but will also give you more confidence.

Tips for Eyeshadow Application.

Tips for Eyeshadow Application

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