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Top 5 Online Game’s for Android


Presently there are so many online games available for us to refresh our mind. Here are top 5 online games for android to play- (Top 5 Online Game’s for Android)


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We’ve surely heard about this game as this game have been popular from very starting of its launch. This game has generated millions of downloads on the Play Store.
This game starts will with a drop off, all the players are dropped in an unknown island with other players at that same time. The only thing all the players have to do is to survive till the end of the game to win Chicken Dinner.
Also if you’re good player then you can really career by this game by playing several tournaments.(Top 5 Online Game’s for Android)


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This game is one of the most action filed games. This game is a kind of shooter game.In this game there are three modes- Death match, defuse and gun game.
In Death match teams have to keep fighting till the end of the game and the team with more kills win.
In defuse team has to plant a bomb and the opposite team tries to stop them and the game ends when the bomb has exploded.
In Gun Game each kills accounts towards progression through all 15 weapons. That player who crosses the first wins the game.


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Fortnite is another battle game and has same concept as that of PUBG. But also it has many things which are not alike pubg.
Presently is is being played by 125 million players globally.

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Clash of clans is a kind of game in which you are the king of a palace and you have to build town. You have to make strategies to build various resources, army etc.
You can make your own clan with you friends and can have a war with enemy clan. Sounds so much fun but beware it’s a very addictive game.


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This game is the next iteration of the Asphalt series. This game is more alike old ones but it has more better graphics, animation, new cars and new locations.
In this game player can either play with AI or other players around the World to play and win game.


Top 5 Online Game’s for Android.


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