What happens if Coronavirus vaccine is never Developed ?

What happens if Corona virus vaccine is never developed ?

Hey guys , today we will talk about , what would happen if there is no vaccine for Covid-19 ???

But before that we should know about, how many vaccines are in development ?
There are at least 95 vaccines under various stages of development to prevent Covid-19.
‘Pfizer’ which is the one of the biggest pharmaceutical company , begins their human trails of possible Coronavirus Vaccine. Also Oxford Covid-19 vaccines human trail results will arrive by June , Researchers confirms.

Now what is the role of Vaccines ?

Historically , vaccines have been one of the greatest public health tool to prevent disease.

Even though we have new technology and also global coordination’s , and highly trained researcher then also we are unable to find vaccine as it is very risky and costly .

But that is not the real problem , the real problem is its ‘ Long process ‘.
It takes a month or even though a year to start human trial of vaccine.
Companies and universities are making extraordinary efforts to stagger trials and in some cases , skip essential steps, such as Animal testing .
Vaccine makers around the world are racing to speed up their timelines for development , a process that typically takes year’s.

But if you have vaccine that doesn’t mean it is a cure sometimes, the Vaccine can itself worsen disease symptoms just like ‘Dengue ‘ vaccine did in 2015 .
Worst case scenario
There is another worst case probability that no vaccine is ever developed.
After the SARS outbreak in 2003 , it took researchers 20 months from the release of viral genome to get a vaccine ready for human trials.
And now for 2020 no vaccine is ready for deployment.
Not only Corona but there are some other viruses which doesn’t have their vaccine .like –

HIV – 4 decades 32 million deaths later , the world is still waiting for an HIV vaccine.
Malaria – 23 crore cases and 4 lakh deaths annually .
Rhinoviruses and adenoviruses – causes cold symptoms.
Dengue – vaccine developed recently but failed in field .

It is very difficult to develop vaccine for these viruses because influenza is able to change itself from one year to next so that natural infection or immunization the previous year doesn’t infect you the following year .
HIV does that during a single infection . It continues to mutate inside the body , so it’s like you are infected with a Thousand different strands.

Plan B

Pre- exposure prophylaxis options
• Remdesivir
Randomised controlled trials required .

Life without a vaccine.
• instead of whipping out Covid-19 , societies may instead learn to live with it .
• Treatments may be delevoped, but outbreak of disease could still occur each year .
• cities would slowly reopen , but shut again at anytime .
• Citizens freedom will be returned, with certain restrictions .
• Abrupt instructions to self isolate could come at any time .

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