What Is Computer Mouse

What Is Computer Mouse , History,Types | Bluetooth mouse, USB mouse|

What Is Computer Mouse .

What Is Computer Mouse


The  Computer Mouse could be a tiny hand-held device that controls the screenshot of a screen or laptop in conjunction with the manner it’s transmitted on a flat surface.

The name of the mouse comes from its alikeness to alittle, unsmooth phone with a picture that appears sort of a mouse’s tail.

Some mouse devices have integrated options, like extra buttons that may be adjusted and given completely different commands.

Because the mouse reduces the utilization of the keyboard, its invention and therefore the continuous new invention square measure thought-about one among the foremost vital achievements in laptop engineering


What Is Computer Mouse

It was technology visionary and inventor Douglas Engelbart(January thirty, 1925 – July a pair of, 2013) that modified the manner computers work, transaction them out with special instrumentation that solely knowledgeable science will use a tool that’s straightforward to use.

Throughout his life, he developed or contributed to several helpful and easy-to-use devices like a electronic device, Windows software system, laptop video, hypermedia, groupware, email, net and far a lot of.

Bluetooth mouse.

What Is Computer Mouse

Another RF technology utilized by wireless mice is Bluetooth. Bluetooth technology connects wirelessly to printers like printers, headsets, keyboards and lice on Bluetooth-enabled devices like computers and digital assistants (PDAs).

 As a result of a Bluetooth receiver will carry multiple Bluetooth parameters at constant time, Bluetooth is additionally called a private space network (PAN) network. Bluetooth devices square measure thirty three meters away.

This content isn’t compatible with this device.

Bluetooth operates at a pair of.4 gigahertz exploitation RF technology. It avoids officious with alternative Bluetooth-related activities with a method known as frequency hopping.

 WiFi devices like 802.11b / g wireless networks conjointly operate at a pair of.4 GHz, as do some wireless phones and microwave ovens.

Bluetooth Version Version one.2 offers frequency hopping (AFH), that is a complicated jump technology designed to forestall interference from alternative a pair of.4 gigahertz communications.

Usb mouse

What Is Computer Mouse

USB World Rules

USB is that the most typically used peripheral device device association.

The USB customary appeared in 1996 and continues to look on computers, creating your USB mouse compatible with most devices.

USB technology proves the longer term, which implies that devices that keep backwards and forwards compatible with computers embody previous, advanced and updated USB ports.

USB mouse inserts rectangular connective and sock that connects only 1 manner. USB property is annoying for correct setup while not wanting.

USB Flash is additionally accustomed connect devices like external onerous drives, flash drives, microphones, joysticks and cameras.

Types of laptop mice
What Is Computer Mouse

Below could be a list of every kind of laptop mice and computer-assisted inform devices.(What Is Computer Mouse | History |Types)

Today, on a personal computer, the foremost common style of mouse could be a lightweight mouse that connects to a USB port and is understood as a USB mouse. For laptop computer computers, the foremost common style of mouse is that the touchpad.

Cordless (wireless)


IntelliMouse (Wheel Mouse)





Touchpad (Glidepoint)



How did the mouse increase laptop performance?

By employing a electronic device, you are doing not ought to con commands, like those employed in a command supported text like disk operating system.

For instance, in MS-DOS, you’ll ought to grasp the cd command and dir command and kind the directions on the keyboard to open the directory (folder) and think about its files.

Whereas solely a Windows user ought to double-click to open a folder and see the content in it.

What Is Computer Mouse | History |Types

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