What is Monitor

What is Monitor | CRT Vs LCD monitor|What is the LCD Monitor

What is Monitor .

What is Monitor

Monitor is an output device, where you can get your output on a TV-like screen. It is commonly classified as – Monochrome, Gray-scale and Color, based on the colors they display.


What is Monitor

  Monochrome  is derived from “Mono” which means Single and “chrome” means “color”; which means single colour. Monochrome monitors are single color monitor like a black and white TV.

Gray-scale monitors.

Gray-scale monitors   are special types of monochrome monitors for displaying output in different grey shades.These monitors in flat-panel are commonly used in handy computers.

Colour monitors.

What is computer

Colour monitors  can give output as a combination of RGB (Red-Green-Blue) radiations. Due to RGB concept, they are capable of presenting graphics in a higher resolution. If a computer has a sutticient memory color monitor can present variety of colors ranging
from 16 to 16,000,00 colors.

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On the basis of technology, computer monitor is divided into tollowing types:

(1) CRT (Cathode Ray Tube)

(2) LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

(3) LED (Light-Emiting Diodes) CRT Monitor



What is Monitor

Most monitors are based on “picture tube element” like a television set. This tube is known as “Cathode Ray Tube” or CRT in short. CRT technology is cheaper and capable of presenting high quality colored outputs.


What is Monitor

Liquid Crystal Display A CRT monitor is just like your television. But today with the evolution of technology, we have started using LCD monitors. It’s very attractive to look at.

Liquid Crystal Display is best known by its abbreviated form LCD.

Is is digital display technology which creates a figure on a flat surface with liquified crystals.

It takes less space and consumes less energy, and produces less heat than traditional Cathode Ray Tube monitor.

It has beén in use for years as laptop screens. Now this screen is also in use for desktop computers. It records several ad- vantages on CRT monitor.

This produce crisp text. It is less than 10 inch thick. It has its demerits too. The colour produced by LCD can’t be compared to that of CRt monitors. They are almost 2  times costlier than CRT.


There is a notable difference between CRT and LCD with respect to shape, size, cost and working.

Today the use of CRT is decreasing even with the desktop computers and it is being replaced by LCD.

Monitor the functionality of CRT & LCD monitor is also diferent. LCD monitors have liquid crystals between thin polarized sheets.

These liquid of crystals are in fact liquid charcoals. Because of this,  the LCDs are thinner and one third of that of CRT and it also emits less radiation.

Hence, it also reduces the strum on the eyes. But, LCD monitor also lass a drawback. It can be seen only at 160 degrees.

So, it is not clearly visible from the other side. The difference between these two is ex- plained in table below with the important points.

1. It requires more space 1. It requires less space.
2.  Energy consumption is more . 2. Energy consumption is less.
3. The expenses on electricity are lighter 3. It reduces the expenses forwards power consumption.
4. It has good picture quality. 4. It does not have a comparatively better picture quality.
5. In this, the result can be seen from diferent angles. 5. In this the result can be seen only from one angle.
6. It is cheaper. 6. It is comparatively costlier than CRT

What is Monitor | CRT Vs LCD monitor

What is Monitor | CRT Vs LCD monitor

What is Monitor | CRT Vs LCD monitor

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