Poverty is the state  where a person or community becomes unable to live a normal lifestyle and become financially weaker to fullfill their basic needs like food, clean water, clothing, proper housing etc. The reason of it can be low income which is not enough to fulfil ones basic needs. It  can also leads one into depression and one also can commit suicide in this state of mind.

IMPACT OF POVERTY ON LIFE:Child labour working in field

Food, home and clothes are the basic need of our life and without these one’s survival is barely possible.

It  is the thing which destroys somebody completely and can leads their life to its worst.Those people who are facing poverty live their life in a lot of worries as everyday they have to think how to earn money for food, how to pay for home, how to pay school fees of their children etc. They get more tensed when they even can’t make proper arrangements for basic needs.

It also highly impacts on the life of children as due to no arrangement of money they don’t get proper food and nutrition due to which they become physically and mentally ill. Due to this they are also to forced to deprive from education and this leads to decreased literacy rate in country which results in unemployment.


Migrant workers crying

  • 1) Inequality is one of the biggest reason of poverty as some people follow old tradition and they do discrimination among people on the basis of gender inequality, caste system or marginalisation.
  • 2)Sometimes old conflicts between two countries, community or people becomes the reason of it .
  • 3)Hunger is the another reason for poverty. If any person don’t get proper nutrition for energy and energy for work, it will leads to malnutrition and the person becomes sick. An unhealthy person is not enough capable to do any work and ultimately it will leads him to poverty.
  • 4) Hygeine is the another point whose lack can leads to poverty. Those who lives at an unhygienic places, eat and drink unhygienic food materials gets sick more rapidly and make them unhealthy.
  • 5) Change in climate can also cause poverty. Those places which are victims of natural disaster face a big loss in economy. And most of the time these disaster results in poverty for many as they have to mend their homes again also they again have to start doing things from very starting because such disasters steals everything from ones life.
  • 6) Lack of education is the reason for poverty because those haven’t get good education can’t get a proper job and this will ultimately leads to poverty.
  • 7) After illiteracy, over population is another big reason for poverty. Countries will great population have more increased rates of poverty as there is less or no jobs vacancies left for new generation.
  • 8) Poor infrastructure also cause poverty as poor infrastructure means no good roads, no bridges, no proper facilities of light etc. It becomes more difficult for one to travel through such improper roads and go to work. So at this situation most of the people choose to stay where they are and this isolation limits their opportunities.
  • 9) Non- Corporation of government break hopes of those people. Poor people needs support of government to rise, to grow and to do something productive.
  • 10) Low wage is the another reason for it as that person is not getting enough money to take care of his family.

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A child in search of food


Poverty rate in US is being calculated by- Bureau Of Census. According to the Census figures from 2016, more than 40 million people in US live below the poverty line.

And currently there are more than 50 million people living in poverty which is really not a good thing in such a wealthy country.


India ranks 2nd in the list of population also currently it ranks 49th in the list of poverty.Presently there are more than 50 million poor people in India like US.



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