Why Indian Education cannot go Online ???

Why Indians Education cannot go online?

Hello guys , today we will talk about why Indians cannot go for online classes ?
As you all know that due to Corona Viruse pandemic , most schools have been shut since mid-march, to stop the spread of Covid-19.
Also exams have been postponed , due to this , but now when the school and university’s realise that the lockdown is not going to end ,they started online classes for students. No one knows schools, colleges and universities will reopen .
Also many state authorities announced online classes for class 9 to 12 just like West Bengal did.
Teachers and school administrators have been advised to continue communication with students through virtual lectures or portals like massive open online courses.
However in the absence of physical classroom and proper digital infrastructure, both teachers and students facing unprecedented challenges.
Now the challenges are .
The major challenge of remote learning is disparity in access-

  1. Electricity
  2. Interne connection
  3. Devices like computer and smartphone.

Data by mission Antyodaya conducted by the ministry of rural development found that –
20% of India’s households received less than 8 hours of electricity.
Only 47% received more then 12 hours .

Now here comes next problem ,which is ‘Devices’.
Phone available for students?
Extra phone?
Data ?
Extra data pack affordability ?
Only 24% people in India have smartphone according to source and 8% of households with members age between five and 24 have both a computer and an internet connection .

Poor speed and connectivity .

Speed test a site that analyses internet access performance across the globe, it’s latest reports on Tracking Covid-19 impact on the speed around the world which was updated on April 15 , showed a 6% decline in fixed line speeds and 18% in mobile speed when compared to week on March 2. As per the reports , India’s current broadband speed is an average of 36.17 mbps and mobile download speed is 9.67 Mbps.

Adapting to new technology
Many teachers have never taught online classes.
Many students have never learned online .
A lot of discipline is required.

If the government continue online education without necessary supportive measures , the prevailing disparity in the virtual could translate into widening educational inequalities among learner’s.

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