Why is Fortnite is banned on Apple and Google play store

Why is Fortnite is banned on Apple and Google play store ? How long is ?

Why is Fortnite is banned on Apple and Google play store ?

Why is Fortnite is banned on Apple and Google play store

Fortnite has been banned from the Apple and Google app stores, in one of the best disputes between organizations in recent school history.

On the other hand, the problem is not in the hands of another WHO person who uses any of the company’s products: customers say very little about any of those problems, so the conversation is about the billions of greenbacks produced by the last square system being distributed.

On the other hand, the controversy has affected Fortnite fans within the most direct way.

They are currently unable to access sports the way they used to – and if the controversy continues and takes over many companies, different applications and platforms could be affected at all.

What’s going on?

Why is Fortnite is banned on Apple and Google play store

The problem started when Fortnite started offering 2 ways to pay for in-game payments: you’ll probably be able to try this within the app store, pay the full amount, otherwise you’ll try this by highlighting Apple’s and Google’s payment system, and Epic Games Developer can give you a discount , a reminder of the money usually taken from the store.

Such roaming is not allowed in individual app stores.

Apple and Google each claim that this type of purchase should go into the app store, and developers pay 30% of this.

Can people still get Fortnite even though it’s banned in app stores?

Shortly afterwards, Fortnite began to disappear from the app stores.

First, Apple was removing it, so Epic Games was blamed; then Google will be equal, then make developers.

The game’s square ratings are still in the middle for sure: if they need to download it already on the iPhone, or in various app stores on Google.

However the choice means that perhaps the biggest game in the world is no longer there on two major foundations in the world.

It is quite clear that Epic Games is aware that its updates may force Apple and Google to uninstall the app.

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And it has already made an effort to alleviate the frustration of fans who the WHO will not handle, the harassment of the hashtag “FreeFortnite” and encourage them to create their stories more widely.

What is the competition between Apple and Google?

Why is Fortnite is banned on Apple and Google play store

Apple and Google each argue that looking within the app store is safe and accurate, for each developer and customer.

By allowing 2 large companies to manage transactions, customers will check while unfamiliar with your mastercard details and ensure that their transactions are secure, and developers should not keep payment plans or use complex problems like exchange transactions; they say the 30 cuts help purchase plans, security checks, sales fees and various prices related to platform abuse.

In addition, Apple and Google rating outlines a strong app and app stores that take users to those games.

Companies believe they should be paid for that.

What is the controversy over Epic games?

That this symbolizes the wrong border of consumers and Epic Games itself, what they are doing to take action to reduce the capacity of platform house owners.

We also said that with the official launch of Apple, the company mentioned earlier was a “regulatory force that seeks to regulate markets, forest competition, and innovation”.

They are not alone at this time. In recent months, questions have been raised by regulators and various in-app store organizations about how Apple, Google and various platform companies are abusing their management over those platforms, misconceptions by consumers for not having a choice of where their code comes from, and for developers to pay. access to their customers.

What is happening now?

Why is Fortnite is banned on Apple and Google play store

Hard to say: Google Games, Apple and Epic square rank the 3 largest companies in the world, and that they rank squarely against the two most powerful platforms in the world. moreover, there is no obvious position to compromise, as Apple and Google should receive payments, either for Epic or eV.

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Why is Fortnite is banned on Apple and Google play store ?

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